My Reason Why

13835852_10154485846091042_773177054_oMy Deer Little business is fueled by my inherent desire to be my own boss, to have control over my own income and future. I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough and I’m nowhere near retiring or anything like that! Funny, I remember 21 year old me saying she would retire at 30, well, I’m now 33 and I think I have a bit more work to do! But I am currently on maternity leave, with 9-12 months to have a baby (how hard can it be?) and ramp up Deer to a point where I might have the option of not going back to work – either full time or ever. And that prospect inspires me! It inspires me to think outside the box, to try new things and for once, accept that I can’t be good at everything (e.g. accounts or websites) and outsource to other people.

When you buy from Deer you might think you are buying a nice card or a nice print, which of course you are, but that’s not all you’re doing. You’re helping to support a teeny tiny business that is just growing wings now after two years finding its feet. I love that quote about “when you buy from a small business you are helping someone’s daughter get ballet lessons, not some CEO purchase their third investment property” – or something in that vein, you get the idea! Helping Deer thrive means that I will get to spend precious time with little baby when he or she decides to arrive (if he/she ever decides to arrive, apparently this is the longest pregnancy ever – 40 whole weeks! What!?).

So thank you to my clients and friends who support me. Thank you to my husband for not thinking I’m nuts for giving this a go (and for not getting mad when the printer at home is going full pelt at midnight trying to churn out orders). Thank you to the other Girl Bosses out there who constantly encourage from the sidelines. I’m going to make a real go of this. Wish me luck!

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