Everyone’s working hard

Behind the scenes here at Deer things are ramping up funnily enough. Father’s Day orders are pouring in and because I am destined to have this baby very soon lots of custom orders are coming in as well! Work for me generally comes in waves, busy all of a sudden for a week and then a bit of a lull but this past month things have been steady. I am launching new necklaces made from silicone beads as well (which are now stocked at Yummy Mummy Day Spa in Highgate and Co-Op Designs in the MANY complex in Fremantle. As soon as those beads arrived they were straight back out the door as stock ready to sell! So I need to order more beads and get some up online so y’all can order some for yourselves. Of course my sister has nicked some already, goes with the territory!

For those of you that follow me on instagram (@deerlittledesigns) you may have seen what my little brother has been working hard at…. namely winning a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics in Archery! We are super proud of him!


My sister is training hard for the City to Surf (12km) and then Rottnest Marathon so in our family it looks like everyone is working hard! I know my brother is an Olympian but I would like to say I take the gold medal for hardest worker as I am growing a tiny human right now. So…. sorry little bro…. Gold for me…. hehe

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