Welcome Baby Scarlett!


So I have had a little break from Deer to welcome baby Scarlett into the world! Born on 12th September and weighing 3440g (7lb 8oz) she is just perfect! But now it is October I am slowly getting back into things as we head towards Christmas. Thank you for all your kind words and patience as I get my head around first time motherhood. I am looking forward to a busy end of the year.


New Silicone Bead Necklaces Added!

13963049_1023203461081479_498833786500285592_o So after a brief dabble with clay polymer beads I have decided that silicone beads are a better way to go for necklaces this year. The beads are super soft and durable and available in the softest of colours, making them blend nicely together. I find them a much easier product to work with and they are super easy to wash if you need to. (I don’t know about you but I am excellent at dipping jewellery into things…). At the moment I am making them one by one and adding them online to buy as once-off pieces so it will be a case of ‘first in best dressed’.

These necklaces can also be found at Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa in Highgate as well as Co-Op Designs in the MANY building in Fremantle so if you’re in the area you can browse a much larger range of colours and designs! Or pop over to the Shop to see what’s there today!

As with most adult jewellery, these necklaces are not designed to be played with or worn by children under the age of three for safety reasons. Please make sure all children under three years old are supervised and you are wearing the jewellery at the time they are touching it. No, these are not teething necklaces I’m afraid, but they are super soft and non-toxic. Here is the information that comes with the necklaces:
IMPORTANT: Deer Little Designs’ silicone jewellery is designed for adults to wear. Please never let a baby or toddler wear or play with this jewellery. These are not toys. Designed for Ages 3+. (Choking/strangulation hazard).

All silicone beads have been tested and certified to ensure they comply with the Australian safety standard (AU/NZS ISO 8124.3:2012) relating to the migration of certain elements. All our silicone beads are non-toxic and free from BPA, Lead, Mercury, PVC, Latex, Phthalates and Cadmium.

To clean, wash in warm soapy water, rinse off and pat dry. Beads are soft to touch without any sharp edges and feature a safety clasp that is designed to release when tugged sharply.

Everyone’s working hard

Behind the scenes here at Deer things are ramping up funnily enough. Father’s Day orders are pouring in and because I am destined to have this baby very soon lots of custom orders are coming in as well! Work for me generally comes in waves, busy all of a sudden for a week and then a bit of a lull but this past month things have been steady. I am launching new necklaces made from silicone beads as well (which are now stocked at Yummy Mummy Day Spa in Highgate and Co-Op Designs in the MANY complex in Fremantle. As soon as those beads arrived they were straight back out the door as stock ready to sell! So I need to order more beads and get some up online so y’all can order some for yourselves. Of course my sister has nicked some already, goes with the territory!

For those of you that follow me on instagram (@deerlittledesigns) you may have seen what my little brother has been working hard at…. namely winning a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics in Archery! We are super proud of him!


My sister is training hard for the City to Surf (12km) and then Rottnest Marathon so in our family it looks like everyone is working hard! I know my brother is an Olympian but I would like to say I take the gold medal for hardest worker as I am growing a tiny human right now. So…. sorry little bro…. Gold for me…. hehe

My Reason Why

13835852_10154485846091042_773177054_oMy Deer Little business is fueled by my inherent desire to be my own boss, to have control over my own income and future. I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough and I’m nowhere near retiring or anything like that! Funny, I remember 21 year old me saying she would retire at 30, well, I’m now 33 and I think I have a bit more work to do! But I am currently on maternity leave, with 9-12 months to have a baby (how hard can it be?) and ramp up Deer to a point where I might have the option of not going back to work – either full time or ever. And that prospect inspires me! It inspires me to think outside the box, to try new things and for once, accept that I can’t be good at everything (e.g. accounts or websites) and outsource to other people.

When you buy from Deer you might think you are buying a nice card or a nice print, which of course you are, but that’s not all you’re doing. You’re helping to support a teeny tiny business that is just growing wings now after two years finding its feet. I love that quote about “when you buy from a small business you are helping someone’s daughter get ballet lessons, not some CEO purchase their third investment property” – or something in that vein, you get the idea! Helping Deer thrive means that I will get to spend precious time with little baby when he or she decides to arrive (if he/she ever decides to arrive, apparently this is the longest pregnancy ever – 40 whole weeks! What!?).

So thank you to my clients and friends who support me. Thank you to my husband for not thinking I’m nuts for giving this a go (and for not getting mad when the printer at home is going full pelt at midnight trying to churn out orders). Thank you to the other Girl Bosses out there who constantly encourage from the sidelines. I’m going to make a real go of this. Wish me luck!